Decorative Garden Fencing

Decorative Garden Fencing Made Easy

The task of gardening isn’t hard, and neither should picking out and installing the right decorative garden fencing. We are going to go over the different options you have in every aspect of this project. This can be a fun project for the entire family from Dad all the way down to little Susie. There are a lot of things to take into consideration but none of them are overwhelming. For example, where should you buy the materials, what type of design do you want, and how do you best maintain it?

Let’s start with the theme of your garden. Do have have exotic plants or just your “garden variety” vegetables and plants? For the former, you might want to look into bamboo fencing for that exotic look. If your garden is typical of most gardens, then the wooden fencing might suit you best. It will give a country feel, and there are many varieties to choose from. You’ll also have more freedom to choose from a myriad of wooden garden gates. Vinyl fencing is a newer option for those who prefer low maintenance. It is also easy to clean and there is craft paint you can apply to get creative with the coloring and any designs you may come up with.

The craft paint you can buy at any home improvement or hardware store. The Hobby Lobby should have the greatest variety of this product. For the fencing materials though, Menards is the place to go if you don’t know exactly what you’re looking for. There customer service is next to none. If you know exactly what you’re looking for, Home Depot is a good bet for their reliable amount of stock. If you’re like most of us and watch every penny, then Lowe’s is where you want to go. It doesn’t seem to matter what the product is, Lowe’s always seems to have a lower price than their competitors.

They also have a good selection of cleaning supplies for all of your fencing needs. Vinyl should be the easiest of all to clean. Just put a spray attachment on the end of you garden hose, set to light spray or mist, and that should be good enough. Bamboo fencing is the same. You shouldn’t have to treat it with any chemicals, just a fine spray of water once a week will do the trick. With wood fencing you are going to want to apply a weather sealant and possibly a varnish once every few years to keep up the appearance and stability of both the fencing and the posts.

Just like the garden itself, you’re going to want to keep your decorative fence around for years to come. Determining the proper type of fence, where you buy it and subsequently where you go to buy the incidentals for it, should not be hard things to do. Over the years, you may even find that it was the most fun investment you ever made for your home. Picking out, setting, and maintaining your decorative garden fencing is something that the whole family can enjoy.

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