Privacy Fence Ideas

Fencing, in this article, will not relate to the great sport of swordsmanship but rather to the kind that goes around your house. There are many different types of fencing. If you don’t believe me you can Google it for yourself, but beware! You may become extremely overwhelmed. It’s a good thing you have us here to make it easy. My name is Brandy and my husband is Shane, together we provide outdoor home décor. I create the design plans and my husband creates beautiful landscapes. We are the dynamic duo that also strongly believes in sharing our knowledge to others. So here it is! We will begin a series of articles that will provide you with some great privacy fence ideas for ways to get started on your own home.

One of the most common types of projects Shane and I are contracted to do are privacy fences. In a day and age where it’s more common to build up than out, privacy is hard to come by. Once you have a little piece of dirt for yourself you want to create the ultimate paradise. I completely understand. My backyard is my own little resort for peaceful times and relaxation. The importance of a privacy fence can never be underestimated because it can permeate your time at home with tranquility.

Sorry if I sound too much like a Zen purist or Feng Shui artist, but I take fencing very seriously! Especially when it comes to your privacy. So let’s get down and in it, what do you want your privacy fence for? I have plenty of clients on all areas of the spectrum. Here is my rundown of Privacy Fence Types:

  • Low-end of the spectrum
    • Privacy fence to block the view of other homes
    • Privacy fence to keep the dog inside while looking nice
    • Middle of the spectrum
      • Privacy fence to keep my yard private from other viewers
      • Privacy fence to enhance the aesthetics of my yard
      • High-end of the spectrum
        • Privacy fence with all the bells and whistles including beautiful materials, no-peek spaces, and noise protection.

Where you are on this spectrum of privacy fences will help determine what kinds of privacy fences to take a look at. I have plenty of privacy fence ideas, so let’s crosscheck your position on the spectrum with the best choices for your needs!

Privacy Fence Ideas are Everywhere

I literally mean they’re everywhere. You wouldn’t believe how creative some folks have been. Some of my clients already know exactly what they want when I show up, so my job is rather easy (Shane gets the brunt of it!) and it’s surprising. If you have a gut feeling of what you want, then go for it. You don’t need an expert like me to tell you it’s a good or bad idea, fences can come in many shapes and sizes. So here’s my breakdown of common privacy fence ideas, I’ll go step by step to follow the spectrum.

Low-End Spectrum Privacy Fence Ideas

  • Bamboo. If you just want a barrier between your house and the next that will help mark the property line, look nice, and be totally eco-friendly, then bamboo is  a great choice. Although you will have to wait a few years for the best results, bamboo grows incredibly fast. There will be some light maintenance involved like chopping down shoots you don’t want to keep. Growing fast means spreading fast, so shoots will pop up all over the yard, but they’re easily cut out. In a few years you will have a beautiful barrier that also covers the view of your neighbor’s house.
  • Scrap metal. You wouldn’t think scrap or rusty metal would look nice as a barrier, but it really does! Try this privacy fence idea if you’re willing to front some cash for a beautiful frame to put the metal in. The frame could be deep red or copper to stick with the theme of metal. Although the metal is old, it will look rustic and last a long time. The overall effect is a privacy fence that will help keep animals in and onlookers out.
  • Lattice. There are so many fun things you can do with lattice, but the most simple is just putting up any tiered layering of lattice fencing. It will give the appearance of privacy, keep animals in, and look natural against foliage. There are also tons of different stains and designs that lattice can take.

Middle Spectrum Privacy Fence Ideas

  • Slated Up. That’s right, have you ever flipped your blinds the unconventional way? If you flip up, then the slats show you what’s going on outside of your home, but others cannot look in. For a privacy fence that’s a great combination. There is a wide variety of woods to choose from, too. A slated up approach will give you a privacy fence that will free you of unwanted gazers but also keep fresh air flow with the spaces in between.
  • Frosted Glass. I wouldn’t suggest this option when there’s pets or small children involved, but frosted glass can be a lovely addition to any home. With wooden or metal framing and accents, you’ll have yourself a definite winner in the private fence department.
  • Wide planks. Wide planks with tiny spaces in between. You still don’t have a complete and total barrier, but you can decorate any solid colored planks with beautiful landscaping. Brightly colored flowers and plants create that “home magazine” look with wide, fresh planks.

High-end Spectrum Privacy Fence Ideas

  • Stone. Stone can actually be much more expensive than wood, especially if you want a solid stone privacy fence. You’ll be able to block sight, sound, and keep your private yard a personal paradise. There are plenty of rocks to tickle your fancy, and lots of styles. Choosing what kind of stone is the real tricky part! Branch out from brick and go with something that includes granite or mica.
  • Stone and wood. Together these two are peas in a pod. Nothing looks more classic than solid wood and stone. Sticks and stones will become your best pal when remodeling your backyard.

Any Idea is a Good Idea!

Don’t forget, you can make pretty much anything work. Take a look around your own home and decide what materials you can work with you already have on-hand. It always surprises my clients when they find they have lots of resources at their disposal to create a beautiful and functional privacy fence.


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