Split Rail Fencing

The Pros and Cons of Split Rail Fencing

If you want to add to add to the beauty and quality of your homestead, split rail fencing is a good addition. There is a certain history and quality to it that is unmatched in other types of fencing. It’s main purpose has always been to keep livestock where you want it. Because of it’s construction, it’s easy to maintain and it’s not the type of fence that has to look pretty. It’s more functional than aesthetic. There are pro’s and con’s to this type of fencing though and we will go through some of them here.

The best part of split rail fencing is, of course, it’s functionality. Keeping your livestock in place is a big responsibility and this type of fence is the best way to go. You essentially have 3 choice here. The most common being the 2 rail. They are set between 2 fence posts and are typically waist high. For even more protection with more agile animals, you have the 3 rail set-up. These are typically 4 feet high. If you’re simply looking for something that has a rustic, old west feel to it, then the 1 rail fence is for you.

Most wholesale lumber yards will have what you’re looking for, but you can also possibly find the materials you need at feed and grain stores. Since split rail fencing is most commonly found in country settings, you may want to narrow your search to merchants who specialize in this. Most if not all lumber store in rural areas will have deals for you. If you live in the southwest, Brown’s Custom Fences is the first place you want to look into. This is one of the draw backs to this kind of fencing project, you might have to go a little out of your way to find the right product.

But since it’s main purpose is more functional than aesthetic, maintaining your fence shouldn’t be an issue. Since the wood used to make the fence is some of the hardest around, it can withstands harsher weather and insect infestations a lot better than your typical fence. Weather and insect treatments will be kept at a minimum and the natural color serves it’s purpose well. A good, hard rain will keep this fence just as clean as anything else, so that shouldn’t be an issue at all.

So if you’re looking for a fence that has a job to do, this is what you need. You can customize the amount of railing you need for different parts of your property, and it pretty nearly maintains itself. Your front yard can make do with a one rail fence, but the larger the animals are that you have, the more rails you are going to need. You may need to search a little longer and harder to get what you need, but in the long run it will be worth it. This is the type of investment that every good ranch or large farm needs.

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