Tips on Buying 3 Rail Vinyl Fence

In the world of vinyl fencing, a variety of styles, shapes, and sizes accommodate the consumer looking to install a product that makes life much easier.

When it comes to fencing, the purchase of a 3 rail vinyl fence is currently one of the most popular choices on the market, especially in regards to horse containment.

With an attractive appearance and sturdy quality, this type of fence is able to withstand not only the impact of livestock, but also the damaging effects of Mother Nature.

Overall, vinyl fencing has the power to elevate the look of any property – residential or commercial.

Overview of 3 Rail Fence Benefits

In the past, ranchers and homeowners built up their land and property using wooden fencing.

Over time, this material showed signs of weakness, as chipping, cracking, rusting, and splintering took place. The color of wood fencing faded with time as well – since it could not compete with the constant beating of the sun and other seasonal elements like rain. In hotter climates, the damage was swifter and increasingly noticeable.

Consumers had to constantly repair and paint their fences.

With vinyl fencing, the material is much stronger and flexible than wood. In fact, vinyl is four times more flexible and five times the tensile strength of wood – meaning it takes a lot more to stretch and tear apart the material. It doesn’t require painting and works well with any climate. Easy installation also makes this type of fencing a much attractive choice.

Maintaining a vinyl fence is easier to accomplish, as a quick spray of a garden hose eliminates any dirt or other build-up.

With an array of styles to consider, vinyl fencing additionally makes a great supplement to any ranch, home, or commercial business.

Purchasing Suggestions

As you scan the options for a new 3 rail vinyl fence for your home or business, there are a few factors to keep in mind.

You won’t be able to successfully install a darker-colored vinyl fence, as it will absorb enough heat to cause expansion and shifting.

This is why most vinyl products come in shades of white, gray, or tan.

However, since the color is the same throughout the entire product – there is no need for maintaining its outward appearance (like painting a wooden fence). If you like the look of wood, there is vinyl fencing embossed to resemble this form.

If you come across recycled vinyl fencing, beware that it could contain scraps of vinyl from unknown sources that haven’t undergone the best level of quality control.

If you still want to do your part for the environment, consider recycled scraps originating from the factory regrind of vinyl fresh out of an extrusion machine. If not, virgin vinyl products come highly recommended.

Don’t be shocked when you compare the price of vinyl fencing to that of wooden products. Some selections are twice the cost of wooden choices and sometimes seven times the cost of chain link fences.

However, a product showcasing high quality will last a lifetime and the easy maintenance is worth the extra bucks.

Plus, you will save in the long run since you will no longer have to replace rusty fencing or repaint chipped fence boards.

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