Vinyl Fence Prices

Examples Of Vinyl Fence Prices

When it comes to taking advantage of the look, appeal, and reliability of vinyl fencing, you should know that the market offers a wide-range of vinyl fence prices that cater to the style and budget of most consumers.

Let’s take Hoover Fence Co. for example, where an assortment of attractive picket, privacy, and ornamental vinyl fencing decorates their online storefront.

In this case, many factors affect the price of this type of fencing, including the height, picket size, spacing, rails, and post size of a fence.

Usually, final costs are determined by the footage needed to accommodate your landscaping needs.

Picket Fence Prices

Hoover Fence offers a selection of picket fence styles that includes the Danbury Concave, which provides a traditional 4-foot tall white and tan design.

The picket size measures 7/8″x 3″ with a pointed picket cap.

The average cost per foot is $19.48. Additional vinyl picket fence selections include Manchester Scalloped (3’H = $22.65, 4’H = $25.67); Normandy (5’H = $21.43, 6’H = $24.43); and Yorkshire Picket (3’H = $20.12, 4’H = $22.67).

Privacy Vinyl Fence Prices

Hoover Fence provides a nice assortment of privacy fences that includes the Huntington solid vinyl fence, that utilizes vinyl vertical “boards” that measure 7/8″ thick x 7″ wide.

This design offers what is called “Classic Curve Deco Rails,” which supplies a heightened appeal that is much easier to install.

It costs $35.05 per square foot to install this 6-foot tall fence.

Additional privacy styles include Chesterfield Wood Texture (5’H = $27.93, 6’H = $32.50); Chesterfield (4’H = $21.00, 5’H = $25.86, 6’H = $30.10); and Westminster ($34.38).

Ornamental Fence Prices

To get an idea of the vinyl fence prices for ornamental styles offered through the Hoover Fence Co. – consider the Victorian style, which comes in heights of 3′, 4′, 5′, and 6′. Consider the following costs in order to add this contemporary look to your home: 3’H = $12.86, 4’H = $14.51, 5’H = $18.67, 6’H = $21.48.

Additional ornamental selections include Baron (3’H = $14.60, 4’H = $16.78, 5’H = $21.39, 6’H = $24.61); and Princeton (3’H = $15.49, 4’H = $18.02, 5’H = $23.09, 6’H = $26.79) styles.

Additional Costs

The overall cost of your vinyl fencing will also rely on the accessories you select.

A variety of standard and decorative post caps help elevate the look of your fencing.

For instance, Hoover Fence Co. offers post caps shaped like teardrops, horse heads, and chess pieces.

Other styles include Gothic, Ball, New England-style, metal tops, glass tops, solar lighting, and low-voltage lighting, which all come with varying vinyl fence prices.

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