Vinyl Horse Fencing

Using Vinyl Horse Fencing on Your Farm

Looking for some info on vinyl horse fencing?

The difference between transforming the typical horse farm into an attractive equestrian estate is sometimes found in the fencing decorating the premises.

Now days, vinyl fencing is becoming a popular choice in keeping maintenance costs down in a convenient approach that not only saves money, but also time and energy.

Over the years, vinyl fencing has become a favorable choice in dressing up countless residences, universities, and golf courses.

The same allure translates into the setting of an elegant horse farm.

Let’s take the Gardner Fence company for instance, which produces 3- and 4-rail fences in white or tan.

In the business, many consumers boast that Gardner Fence delivers the best quality.

With a lifetime warranty, this choice in vinyl fencing is rather significant, as it caters to an array of horse breeds under any climate circumstances.

The installation of Gardner fencing is rather uncomplicated, as an easy-to-follow DVD is sent along with the fencing.

If you don’t want to bother with the step-by-step instructions, a professional installer is another solution.

Gardner Fence products possesses a reputation that is known worldwide, serving the public with more than 30 inventory yards stretched across the United States.

But, what exactly makes this brand of horse fencing different from the competition?

For starters, when you think of a vinyl fence, you will encounter a product constructed of the same material as vinyl siding or windows.

It showcases the ability to resist constant changes in weather and displays a satisfying level of durability.

Additional pluses of choosing horse fencing includes:

Strength: When a vinyl fence for horses is properly made, it is as strong as wood. However, vinyl does not splinter like wood, which can cause harm to a horse.

If a strong horse breaks through a vinyl fence, they will encounter less injury than wooden selections.

Property Value: The classy look of a vinyl fence elevates the level of attractiveness to a piece of property, as it also has the power to boost the resale value of a farm or ranch.

Weather Resistant: Vinyl fencing can endure the wear and tear of normal winds, which is determined by the installation of the fence itself.

Various tests have revealed that some vinyl horse fences can withstand weathering for up to 80 years.