Vinyl Picket Fence

Your Dream Vinyl Picket Fence With Less Hassle

Are you one that has always dreamed of having a white vinyl picket fence around your home?

Is that the ultimate dream for you?

If so, there is a reliable and hassle free solution to your dreams, a vinyl fence.

Although, when many people think of a picket fence, they think of wood and the “rustic” look it provides their home.

However, did you know that you could have the same look and feel with a picket fence as well?

It is true; your vinyl fence is designed to have the look of wood, but with less fuss and hassle.

If you opt for a wooden picket fence, you are looking at regular and attentive maintenance.

It is hard work. You have to protect the wood from damage from elements, bugs, and critters.

You will likely have to paint the fence every year, which means not only do you pay for the fence itself, but also the paint each and every year.

Then you might have to deal with insects, warping, rotting, and general degradation of the wood.

With a vinyl fence, you do not have to worry about any of this.

The vinyl will not rot, termites and other bugs will not infest it, and splintering is a thing of the past.

Cracks and chipped paint are unheard of when it comes to a picket fence and what is more, you do not have to worry about painting ever again.

Your vinyl fence will come in the color you choose and you do not have to paint it.

Cleaning and maintaining a vinyl fence is relatively easy, so much easier than wood.

All you need is water and a mild detergent and it will virtual rinse clean.

If there are stains, you cannot get out a soft scrub or baking soda will take care of it.

It just makes sense to choose a vinyl picket fence over a wooden one.