White Vinyl Fence

A White Vinyl Fence Is Classic…

White vinyl fence will not only last for several decades, it will look good the entire time.

The classic look for a home is a white house with colored trim, and a white picket fence.

There is something that is both classy and American about a white fence, so instead of having to paint a wooden fence every few years to maintain that fresh white look, why not opt for white vinyl and give it a simple rinse with the hose now and then?

You can find any style of vinyl fence in white.

Some you can find in gray, some in tan, and some even in wood tone. But every single style comes in white.

A white one will set off the colors of your house and the plants in your yard, framing them beautifully.

Sure, you say. It looks nice.

But why should I spend the extra money for one?

They are durable.

They’ll last upwards of fifty years, practically maintenance free.

They come with a warranty too, so if anything does happen to your fence, it’s covered.

What do you mean maintenance free?

Well, let’s compare your one with a white wooden fence.

Installation is similar. Holes are dug for the posts, and sections are put together.

The vinyl fence is put together simply, using perfect sized holes and perfect sized pieces to fit in those holes.

Or, if you’re doing a privacy fence, they may use a tongue and groove method.

Either way, it is easier and sturdier than using nails or screws to put a wooden fence together.

With no hardware, you don’t need to worry about rust or weakening of the fence.

The wooden fence will need painting every other year or so to maintain that fresh crispness.

Vinyl fences have the color all the way through the material, so not only will they not yellow in the sun (they’re UV protected), they won’t show scratches or gouges either.

Your vinyl fence won’t rot, fade, mildew or grow fungus.

They won’t attract termites or need replacement parts.

Every morning, you’ll look out your window to see a perfect white fence, as beautiful years down the road as the day you put it in.

You can see how the initial savings with wood will give out in only a few years, giving the edge to the vinyl fencing.

As you continue to repair and maintain your wooden fence, ultimately replacing the entire thing two or more times over fifty years, your white vinyl fence will still be standing strong from that single initial investment.