Wood Fence Gates

Finding Custom Built Wood Fence Gates

Custom built wood fence gates are in a niche of their own. Where to start finding them can be challenging without a little help. You first need to narrow down what you’re looking for. What is your budget? What will fit in with your current landscaping? Do you want something environmentally friendly? Hopefully, those questions and more will be answered here. These types of gates are a big investment, so your search has to be thorough.

The best place to start your search in this day and age will be the internet. Since this is a small, specialized market, you’ll want to cast a wide net. The most reputable companies will have an extensive inventory and complete contact information on their website. You will want to find out how long they have been in business also, as this adds to their credibility. Friends and neighbors can help you out in this regard also. Referrals such as these are often the biggest help. As a last resort, simply drive through neighborhoods and get ideas from the random gates that you pass by. This method is good for those who don’t have a clear idea yet as to what they’re looking for. They’re just looking and getting ideas.

Once you have a good idea of what you want, it’s time to shop around. Carriage House Doors is a good place to start. Their variety is quite large and their professionalism is top-notch. After going through a company like this with a fine tooth comb, you will get a better understanding of what this market has to offer. You will soon find out that it is quite impressive. Your options will range from treated reclaimed lumber, to the newest and finest wood money can buy that is FSC certified.

Gates for wood fences come in all shapes and sizes. The most notable being the hand crafted styles with brass accents. Depending on how large your yard is, and as a result, how large you fence is, you will want a gate proportionate in size. Gates can be either stately or gaudy. Depending on their proportions. The main purpose for a gate is security. So finding a gate with a high wind load rating is important if you live in area with extreme weather. The sturdiest door you can find to date can withstand winds of up to 150 mile per hour. You can even find gates that have fire ratings.

When equipped with as much information as possible, finding a custom built wood gate should be easier than at first you may think. There are a lot of factors involved, but when taking it all step by step, it all gets easier as you go along. And when you finally find the product you’re looking for, you may just look back at the whole experience and realize how fun and educational it all was. A fence gate should not only make a good first impression, but also leave a lasting one as well.