Wooden Garden Gates

The Many Possibilities of Wooden Garden Gates

Before we decide from the many varieties of wooden garden gates, we have to decide which one is best suited for you, your garden, and your yard. Do you want a country look or something more modern? Do you not mind if it’s expensive or are you on a budget? Do you require low maintenance, or will you enjoy taking care of it yourself? More thought may go into the garden fence itself, but details such as the gate is more a labor of love. It will be after all, the most used and looked at portion of the fence.

You are going to want something that either speaks of your own personal style, or adds another layer to it. The most common gating material is wood. A garden is a part of nature and wood speaks of that. Oak and Cedar are the most popular varieties, but Spruce works just as well too. Buying an unfinished picket style gate will not only be economical, but allows you to put your own personal touch on it. Craft paint for this purpose can be found at a variety of craft stores as well as your local hardware stores such as Ace Hardware or True Value.

A split rail gate would add a hearty touch to a garden, but you would want split rail fencing also, or something just as rustic looking. If you have horses, a 5 bar mini horse gate would be a very unique addition to your garden. If you have ferns or other such flowing greenery in your garden, an arched trellis garden gate would compliment that greatly. You would want to treat it with insect repellant or a good varnish though before the growth takes over.

Some homeowners have been known make their own garden gates. Making your gate into a small version of either your house door or barn door is very imaginative. It may be more time consuming and expensive than your typical gates, but it will show ingenuity and gumption on your part. Installing a gate such as this will require more hardware and planning then usual. It will be a more permanent looking fixture on your fence so time and care will be involved in not only installing it, but maintaining it as well. You will want your choice of stains, protectants, and paint to be well thought out.

So all in all, the varieties of wooden garden gates are about as vast as the tastes of the people who own them are. By now you should be confident that your choice has been narrowed down to something you can live with and enjoy for years to come. It can become a conversation piece with your friends and neighbors, as well as being the focal point of the garden itself. So you see, the possibilities are not limited to the styles of the gates themselves. A good garden gate will speak for itself.